Northwestern Wisconsin

Regional Coordinator:
Bruce Lindgren
Email: [email protected]
715-774-3325 Voice
715-774-3943 FAX

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Lake Superior Greens

Bruce LindgrenHi, everyone. This is Bruce Lindgren. In the last part of 2003, I will be working on several traditional activities. These inlcude:

Networking with and identifying regional organizations to seek their support for WSN.
Recruiting one or more County Coordinators in the NW WI region (contact me if you may be interested).
Promoting memberships in the WSN. I will provide literature directly to groups and refer, where appropriate, members to our development director Chris Nehrbass for possible help with their organization.
Solicit opportunities to present the WSN’s mission and priority issues to community, school and non-profit groups. I aim to make one presentation each month (if you want to offer opportunities, please contact me).
On the WSN priority issues, I will be working on Shoreland Zoning ….

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