Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:
What was the Public Intervenor Office?
Why should the State pay lawyers to sue itself?
Didn’t taxpayers save money by eliminating the Intervenors?
Didn’t the Intervenors represent only well-funded environmentalists at taxpayer expense?
Can’t the Department of Justice or private attorneys do what the Intervenors did?
Didn’t the Intervenors cost the state and industry millions of dollars by blocking progress?
Isn’t this just a partisan political issue?
I’ve heard the Intervenor Office was unaccountable and controlled by radical environmental groups.
Many new laws have passed since the Intervenors Office was created, so why do we need them now? Can’t the DNR enforce those laws?

Background on the Public Intervenors Office:

A Broken Promise — The History of the Public Intervenors.
The Citizen Advisory Committee.
Members of the Committee.
Who Were the Most Recent Intervenors?
Decision-making Criteria for the Intervenors.

The Public Trust Doctrine.
Accomplishments of the Intervenor Office.
How Was the Public Intervenor Office Eliminated?

Results of the Loss of the Intervenors.

Citizen struggles hampered by Intervenor loss.
Drastic Changes in the DNR.
DNR Watch series.
PEER survey of DNR employees.
Law journal article critical of Wisconsin’s water management programs.

Proposed Legislation to Restore the Intervenor Office.

Former statutory language.
Proposed legislation. new!
Survey and statements of Wisconsin legislators.
New Candidate Survey On PIO Restoration Underway.

Support for Restoration of the Intervenor Office.

Wisconsin Stewardship Network.
Conservation Congress.
Local Governments.
Employees of the DNR.
Conservation and Environmental Groups.
Newspaper Editorials.
Prof. Arlen Christenson, UW Law School.
Business has reason to support the Intervenors Office.
Miscellaneous Support. new!
Political Candidate Survey for 2002 Fall Elections.
Gov. Doyle calls for restoration of Public!
Attorney General supports!
Opposition to the Public Intervenor Office.

DuWayne Jonsrud announces opposition to!
Former Governor Thompson
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