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Our mission is to build a cooperative network that recaptures and strengthens Wisconsin's stewardship ethic for the betterment of its people and its natural resources.

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We need your financial support to keep the Wisconsin Stewardship Network strong.  Why support the efforts of WSN?  Is it worth your investment?  Before you answer these questions, consider the following:

  • Do you want a stronger voice in natural resource decisions?
    • WSN is working to get politics out of the DNR and restore the Public Intervenors Office.
  • Do you want to help protect the Wolf and Wisconsin Rivers?
    • WSN groups are helping to get the Mining Moratorium Law Enforced.
  • Are healthy fisheries important to you?
    • WSN is helping with education programs to protect natural shorelands and working to curtail toxic mercury in state waters.
  • Do you want see environmental safeguards in place before we allow additional livestock factory farms into Wisconsin?
    • WSN is also working for economic safeguards to protect the family farmer, too.
If you answered "YES" to one or all of the questions above, you are among friends.  The Wisconsin Stewardship Network (WSN) is a network of groups and active citizens that are working together to get positive results and to achieve success in all the areas mentioned above.  (To see who's on the WSN board, click here.)  Combining the efforts of members of the hunting, fishing, and environmental organizations and clubs is the key.  Our goal is to create a diverse AND unified force.

Is this goal achievable? - Yes!  Is it going to be easy? - No.  But it may be our only hope of succeeding.  The community needs to work together.  In the days of old, one family was not able to raise the barn, the entire community was needed to get the job done.  We can succeed with that same spirit.

The catalyst for the Stewardship Network was the demise of the independent DNR and the public intervenor in 1995.  People realized that teamwork was crucial to deal with these fundamental changes within the DNR. Of course the real challenge is finding common ground on several issues.  The WSN has effectively helped organizations with different goals and agendas work together on varied issues.  Our best hope of protecting our conservation heritage is by bringing diverse groups together to continue that common ground dialogue and bring the community together.

That dialogue is critical.  Dan Trainer, former chair of the Natural Resources Board and a leader within the Conservation Congress said it best when he commented on the varied groups within the Stewardship Network:

"The more they talk, the more they realize they have in common."
Why does the Stewardship Network need funding now?

The Stewardship Network has come a long way since its founding.  Until now, the Network has been almost entirely supported through grants generously provided by the C.S. Mott Foundation and the Beldon Fund.  Now it is up to us to become more financially self-sufficient, to mature and move into the next phase.

Your contribution to the Wisconsin Stewardship Network will help us with continued coalition building, the sharing of information through this web page, our email newsletter - the WSNetwork News, and the mailing of alerts and reports  We will make sure you also hear about special events sponsored by the WSN.

More importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping the WSN keep up the fight to recapture and strengthen our state's proud heritage of resource protection.

Some of the issues that our organizers are working on include:

  • Rejection of the proposed northern WI transmission line from Duluth to Wausau.
  • Limiting forest fragmentation.
  • Environmental Education
  • Battle factory farms and protect natural shorelands.
  • Reduction in mercury contamination of our lakes and fish.
  • Restore independence to the DNR and restore the Public Intervenors Office.
There is hope!

When concerned people like you join together to speak out against the destruction of our natural heritage, even the largest obstacles can be overcome.  Your contribution to the Stewardship Network will help us win that fight.

Please take a moment to send the WSN a contribution.  Group contributions are also welcome.  Discuss a group contribution with your organization and call the number below if you have questions.  We can even provide some information sharing services and other resources that can strengthen your organization.  Thanks for your support!

Please Send Your Contribution To:

The Wisconsin Stewardship Network
122 State St. - #510
Madison, WI 53703

Please make out any checks to WI Stewardship Network, Inc.
and include your mailing address with your donation

Or you can Donate Online Using ePower


Wisconsin Stewardship Network (WSN) is a member of Community Shares of Wisconsin.  You can donate to WSN through your workplace campaign! Just click the Community Shares logo to get started.