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Forest and Habitat Fragmentation

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The fragmentation of Wisconsin's remaining large tracts of forest into smaller and smaller pieces is a growing concern.  Development, new roads, and certain forestry practices are fracturing the forests.

The WSN will promote public policies that prevent forest fragmentation by producing a database of critical private lands to help land trusts better target areas for conservation programs, defending the integrity of our last remaining natural areas in the forest plans for state and federal forests, urging our elected officials to support the Forest Legacy & Stewardship programs, and working with concerned citizens to protect our public forests from ATV abuse.

Many different species require large blocks of habitat for their survival.  The canada yew, white cedar, hemlock, certain orchids, wood turtles, and warblers and other tropical birds are a few of the plants and animals that thrive in a deep, diverse forest habitat.

Forest fragmentation makes management of land practices more difficult.  Dozens or hundreds of small landowners may have different and competing goals for use of their parcels.  Recreational uses, from trails to hunting, face future complicated challenges as forest blocks shrink.  Tourism dollars could also decline in communities that depend on visitors who enjoy their natural resources. The Wisconsin Stewardship Network will work to slow forest fragmentation. 

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John Schwarzmann is the WSN Forest Fragmentation issue chair. For more information:
Email John or call him at 715-356-4206.