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The Wisconsin Stewardship Network (WSN) is a network of groups and active citizens that are working together.  Our mission is to build a cooperative network that recaptures and strengthens Wisconsinís stewardship ethic for the betterment of its people and its natural resources.

Issues that the WSN is working on include:

  • Rejection of the proposed northern WI transmission line from Duluth to Wausau.
  • Limiting forest fragmentation.
  • Restore independence to the DNR and restore the Public Intervenors Office.
  • Battle factory farms and protect natural shorelands.
  • Reduction in mercury contamination of our lakes and fish. 

There is hope!  When concerned groups and people join together to speak out against the destruction of our natural heritage, even the largest obstacles can be overcome.  Our goal is to create a diverse AND unified force by combining the efforts of members of the hunting, fishing, and environmental organizations and clubs.

To join the Wisconsin Stewardship Network right now, click here and fill out the form for electronic submission.  If you want to print out our membership form, click here.  

If you have some questions or want to learn more about how we can help each other, contact WSN at
(608) 268-1218 or email