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July 16
, 2005

News on issues of common interest to Wisconsin's sporting, conservation, and environmental communities

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Support Proposed New Shoreland Management Program

Stop Global Warming from Going Nuclear

Take Action for Healthy Communities and Clean Energy

Legislative Panel votes to kill Smart Growth: Deals blow to local control, private property rights and lake protection

Restore Funding for Focus on Energy

Cuts in the State Budget Threaten Your Lakes, Rivers and Drinking Water

Stop the Army’s Plan to Burn PCBs at Badger Army Ammunition Plant

Road Oil at Badger AAP: A Report and CALL TO ACTION by Citizens for Safe Water Around Badger


Action alert on transmission line

URGENT: Fax or CALL Governor Doyle today!!!

From: Tom Kreager, SOUL
Sent: Jun 26, 2005 7:48 AM

Ask Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle to veto the Montgomery bill AM 437/SB 234.

Please call or fax Governor Doyle and tell him to veto this ill-advised bill.

Phone 608-266-1212
Fax 608-267-8983

Pass this along to anyone else who may be concerned about this issue especially in the southern part of the state!

The bills referred to in this email are the ones which you may have heard of on the radio or in print:  for the first time ever, they would allow for public lands--in this case the "insurgent" Douglas County's park and forest lands--to be condemned by Eminent Domain upon request from a PRIVATE CORPORATION, in this case the American Transmission Company, to build their huge transmission line though Wisconsin's wetlands and forest lands.

If this bill is passed NO local public land, park or forest would be off limits from new transmission lines and may actually be targeted because of the ease the new bill provides to take it.

Governor Doyle (a Democrat, oddly enough) has indicated willingness to sign this giveaway of public lands to the corporate interests.You shouldn't need me to tell you that this is a complete sellout by this governor to the ATC corporation.

The Governor has lamely stated that "we" need to allow this corporation to have its way, or else face energy shortages in the future.  These statements assume there is no other way than centralized power production and distribution, when in fact you probably realize there is a perfectly viable alternative, called renewable energy production close to the end-user.  Locally produced, locally distributed.  Simple alternative.

Please call or fax Governor Doyle and tell him to veto this ill-advised bill.

Phone 608-266-1212
Fax 608-267-8983

Save Our Unique Lands (SOUL)

Arrowhead-Weston Transmission Line

WSN Issue Chair: Logan Edinger, Save Our Unique Lands

Articles from State Media

Save Our Unique Lands


Environmental Education Initiatives

WSN Issue Chair: Sarah Lloyd, Concerned Citizens of Newport

Articles from State Media


Fair Motorboat Gas Revenue Allocation

WSN Issue Chair: Peter Murray, WI Assn. of Lakes



Forest & Habitat Fragmentation

WSN Issue Chair: John Schwarzmann, ECCOLA

Article from State Media

The Wisconsin State Park System is planning for the future and wants your comments

The Wisconsin State Park System provides places for outdoor recreation and for learning about nature and conservation. The 93 state parks, forests, trails, and recreation areas report about 14 million visits a year.

See: Wisconsin State Parks System Strategic Plan

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Shoreland Zoning

WSN Issue Chairs: Jim Wise, ECCOLA,
Peter Murray, WI Assn. of Lakes

Article from State Media

ACTION ALERT: Support Proposed New Shoreland Management Program

Voice your support at one of 11 public hearings this summer

Public Hearings on Shoreland Zoning Rules
July 19 - Aug 4

From Clean