North Central Wisconsin

Regional Coordinator:

Jim Wise
Phone: 715-453-6015
FAX 715-453-9170


  • ECCOLA - Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Lakeland Areas
  • Flintsteel Restoration Association - A non-profit organization providing natural resource restoration, conservation and!
  • Northwoods - Trout Unlimited's northern chapter. new!
  • Friends of the Prairie River - Flyfishers of Langlade and Lincoln!


Jim Wise on the Wisconsin RiverHi everybody, I'm Jim Wise.  My outreach work as WSN Regional Coordinator is ongoing.  It's part of my traditional networking activities that I will be continuing during the last quarter of the year.

My priority issue work keeps me in touch with a lot of active folks in the North.  Feel free to contact me with concerns you may have for the northwoods.  I will be glad to come to a meeting of your organization to listen to your issues, and to give a pitch for the WSN.  

On the Shoreland Zoning issue, I will be working to stimulate a good public turnout at the statewide hearings on the NR 115 Shoreland Rule ....

[to see the rest of Jim's action plan, click here]


A few issues of regional concern:

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